Humly for a More Modern Work Environment


Humly, with over a decade of experience in innovating for the modernization of workplaces, recently introduced its hardware solution, the Humly Booking Device, at ISE and Infocomm 2023. After successful market growth, Humly continues its expansion in Scandinavia.


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Humly Workplace Solutions products (Humly Room Display, Humly Wayfinding, Humly Reservations, Humly Visitor, Humly Floor Plan) constitute a more comprehensive suite of workplace solutions for reserving, managing, and optimizing office spaces for businesses of all sizes.


Humly Booking Device


The new flexible booking unit - a versatile, cutting-edge hardware solution that elevates design and booking systems to new heights.


The screen can display whether a space or desk is available or not. By simply touching the screen, anyone can make an instant reservation for what they need. It integrates seamlessly through the same system as all other products in the Humly Workplace Solutions suite.


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Humly RoomDisplay


Humly Room Display is the perfect interactive screen for your collaborative spaces.


Humly's meeting room booking solution assists you in locating the room you've already reserved or guides you to one that is currently available.


On the screen, it's easy to see who has booked the room and for how long.


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Humly Wayfinding System


Easily reserve a room, area, or desk through the Humly Web App or directly from Microsoft Teams.


Studies show that 70% of office workers spend more than 15 minutes each day searching for meeting rooms, with 24% spending over 30 minutes. Another study reveals that an average office worker wastes approximately 3 hours per week on meetings that don't start on time.


Humly Wayfinding is designed to reclaim some of that wasted time.


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Humly FloorPlan


Get an instant 3D overview of the office. What areas are occupied? What is available? Check an entire floor or specific rooms and desks, and make reservations.


Imagine needing a room or a desk. Instead of having to run up and down every floor to check availability, a 3D overview of each floor provides you with all the answers. Use the passive mode on a large screen or manage your bookings interactively with Humly FloorPlan.


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Humly Visitor


Are my guests here? Has everyone left the building? Keep track of who enters and exits the office, and provide your visitors with a friendly welcome.


Welcome your visitors with the inviting simplicity of Humly Visitor. Let them check in and approve terms and conditions on a designated screen using a clean and elegant user interface.


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