EnGenius Technologies is a leading player driven by cloud technology in communication technology. Over the past 20 years, their vision has been to deliver world-class innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes. They are dedicated to developing advanced but user-friendly solutions with high performance and operational reliability, which set new standards in the industry.


Their AI-powered cloud technology allows users to effectively manage SD-WAN, switches, wireless access points and ePDUs in a clear and easy-to-understand platform. This paves the way for a more integrated and efficient network management, which gives companies the opportunity to scale and adapt quickly to changing market needs.


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AI-driven Cloud from EnGenius

EnGenius Cloud gives you full control over all your network devices with a clear and simple interface. With the "Cloud to go" app, you get a full overview of all your networks and devices, even when you're on the road. EnGenius Cloud comes free of charge with all products in the series. If you buy Cloud Pro, you get access to even more statistics and more advanced functions.

All EnGenius Cloud products come with a 1-year free Cloud Pro license so that you can try out the possibilities at no extra cost and see what suits you best.